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Rutherford County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bolden, Fred Wiley  25 Mar 1946Rutherford County, Tennessee I1977 Reunion Tree 
2 Bolden, John Henry   I281 new 
3 Davis, Ruby Elizabeth   I1827 new 
4 Fergerson, Manda E  15 Mar 1843Rutherford County, Tennessee I3654 Reunion Tree 
5 Lovvorn, Emma  Jul 1887Rutherford County, Tennessee I280 new 
6 Lovvorn, Emma  Jul 1887Rutherford County, Tennessee I3272 Reunion Tree 
7 Lovvorn, Hugh Frank  1834Rutherford County, Tennessee I1777 new 
8 Lovvorn, Hugh Frank  1834Rutherford County, Tennessee I5483 Reunion Tree 
9 Lovvorn, Hugh Frank  17 Feb 1875Rutherford County, Tennessee I148 new 
10 Lovvorn, Hugh Frank  17 Feb 1875Rutherford County, Tennessee I1417 Reunion Tree 
11 Lovvorn, James "jim ed"  1868Rutherford County, Tennessee I1872 new 
12 Lovvorn, James"jim ed"  1868Rutherford County, Tennessee I2729 Reunion Tree 
13 Lovvorn, John Woodson  22 Feb 1839Rutherford County, Tennessee I1775 new 
14 Lovvorn, John Woodson  22 Feb 1839Rutherford County, Tennessee I3276 Reunion Tree 
15 Lovvorn, Julia  1865Rutherford County, Tennessee I1973 new 
16 Lovvorn, Julia  1865Rutherford County, Tennessee I5685 Reunion Tree 
17 Lovvorn, Mary  1863Rutherford County, Tennessee I1079 new 
18 Lovvorn, Mary  1863Rutherford County, Tennessee I322 Reunion Tree 
19 Lovvorn, Phoeba A  Dec 1881Rutherford County, Tennessee I5259 Reunion Tree 
20 Lovvorn, Phoeba A.  Dec 1881Rutherford County, Tennessee I282 new 
21 Lovvorn, Susan  Sep 1879Rutherford County, Tennessee I1774 new 
22 Lovvorn, Susan  Sep 1879Rutherford County, Tennessee I5551 Reunion Tree 
23 Lovvorn, William Macie  31 Jul 1877Rutherford County, Tennessee I1773 new 
24 Lovvorn, William Macie  31 Jul 1877Rutherford County, Tennessee I2412 Reunion Tree 
25 Rogers, George Washington  22 Dec 1820Rutherford County, Tennessee I3454 new 
26 Rogers, George Washington  22 Dec 1820Rutherford County, Tennessee I3556 Reunion Tree 
27 Smith, Elizabeth  Abt 1824Rutherford County, Tennessee I250 new 
28 Smith, Elizabeth  Abt 1824Rutherford County, Tennessee I2022 Reunion Tree 
29 Smotherman, Mary Parthenia  17 Oct 1846Rutherford County, Tennessee I5097 Reunion Tree 
30 Smotherman, Richard Crockett   I2032 new 
31 Stem, Sarah "Sallie" Elizabeth  13 Sep 1845Rutherford County, Tennessee I1776 new 
32 Stem, Sarah"Sallie"Elizabeth  13 Sep 1845Rutherford County, Tennessee I1222 Reunion Tree 
33 Underwood, Christopher Columbus "Lum"  07 Jan 1854Rutherford County, Tennessee I4661 new 
34 Underwood, Christopher Columbus"Lum"  7 Jan 1854Rutherford County, Tennessee I1530 Reunion Tree 
35 Vincent, Dasphania  26 Apr 1865Rutherford County, Tennessee I3274 new 
36 Vincent, Dasphania  26 Apr 1865Rutherford County, Tennessee I1361 Reunion Tree 
37 Vincent, Farris Douglas   I269 new 
38 Vincent, Lucy  1855Rutherford County, Tennessee I3272 new 
39 Vincent, Lucy  1855Rutherford County, Tennessee I4006 Reunion Tree 
40 Vincent, Nancy  1863Rutherford County, Tennessee I3273 new 
41 Vincent, Nancy  1863Rutherford County, Tennessee I4040 Reunion Tree 
42 Vincent, Robert Leonard  25 Aug 1903Rutherford County, Tennessee I3262 new 
43 Vincent, Sirena Emaline  19 Sep 1869Rutherford County, Tennessee I3276 new 
44 Vincent, Sirena Emaline  19 Sep 1869Rutherford County, Tennessee I1346 Reunion Tree 
45 Vincent, Virginia Tennessee  03 Jan 1867Rutherford County, Tennessee I3275 new 
46 Vincent, Virginia Tennessee  3 Jan 1867Rutherford County, Tennessee I531 Reunion Tree 
47 Vincion, Albert Dow  03 May 1902Rutherford County, Tennessee I3261 new 
48 Vincion, Aubrey Clarence   I3265 new 
49 Vincion, Henry Maynard   I3264 new 
50 Vincion, Roy Thomas   I3266 new 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bolden, Fred Wiley  10 Apr 1946Rutherford County, Tennessee I1977 Reunion Tree 
2 Davis, Eunice Virginia   I6028 Reunion Tree 
3 Edwards, Mary  1853Rutherford County, Tennessee I2057 new 
4 Edwards, Mary  1853Rutherford County, Tennessee I3429 Reunion Tree 
5 Featherston, Jesse G Sr  15 Oct 1816Rutherford County, Tennessee I4810 Reunion Tree 
6 Ghee, Martha Jane  07 Feb 1951Rutherford County, Tennessee I2698 new 
7 Ghee, Martha Jane  7 Feb 1951Rutherford County, Tennessee I2877 Reunion Tree 
8 Lovvorn, Dewitt  17 Jun 1915Rutherford County, Tennessee I1789 new 
9 Lovvorn, Dewitt  17 Jun 1915Rutherford County, Tennessee I1512 Reunion Tree 
10 Lovvorn, Hugh Frank  Between 1880 and 1900Rutherford County, Tennessee I1777 new 
11 Lovvorn, Hugh Frank  Bef 1900Rutherford County, Tennessee I5483 Reunion Tree 
12 Lovvorn, Rebecca Elizabeth  Abt 1898Rutherford County, Tennessee I2053 new 
13 Lovvorn, Rebecca Elizabeth  Abt 1898Rutherford County, Tennessee I765 Reunion Tree 
14 Mary  1842Rutherford County, Tennessee I2059 new 
15 Mary  1842Rutherford County, Tennessee I5512 Reunion Tree 
16 Phelps, Susie  1925Rutherford County, Tennessee I4674 new 
17 Smotherman, Hugh  1825Rutherford County, Tennessee I1792 new 
18 Smotherman, Hugh  1825Rutherford County, Tennessee I1224 Reunion Tree 
19 Smotherman, John  1833Rutherford County, Tennessee I2058 new 
20 Smotherman, John  1833Rutherford County, Tennessee I411 Reunion Tree 
21 Smotherman, John G  4 Jul 1847Rutherford County, Tennessee I1449 Reunion Tree 
22 Smotherman, John G.  04 Jul 1847Rutherford County, Tennessee I2056 new 
23 Smotherman, John Wesley  26 Mar 1929Rutherford County, Tennessee I510 Reunion Tree 
24 Smotherman, Samuel  Rutherford County, Tennessee I1790 new 
25 Smotherman, Samuel  11 Oct 1842Rutherford County, Tennessee I5773 Reunion Tree 
26 Stephens, Sarah   I3371 new 
27 Stephens, Sarah   I6239 Reunion Tree 
28 Underwood, Matthew W  Abt 1854Rutherford County, Tennessee I6332 Reunion Tree 
29 Underwood, Matthew W.  Abt 1854Rutherford County, Tennessee I4662 new 
30 Underwood, Tabithia  08 Jan 1924Rutherford County, Tennessee I1778 new 
31 Underwood, Tabithia  8 Jan 1924Rutherford County, Tennessee I3208 Reunion Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lovvorn, Rebecca Elizabeth  1872Rutherford County, Tennessee I2053 new 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gee, Allen  1880Rutherford County, Tennessee I3534 new 
2 Gee, Elizabeth  1880Rutherford County, Tennessee I3536 new 
3 Gee, Susan  1880Rutherford County, Tennessee I3535 new 
4 Ghee, Emma  1880Rutherford County, Tennessee I3252 new 
5 Ghee, Henry J.  1880Rutherford County, Tennessee I3254 new 
6 Ghee, Nannie Mae   I3255 new 
7 Ghee, Robert Lee  1880Rutherford County, Tennessee I3253 new 
8 Ghee, William  1880rutherford County, Tennessee I3251 new 
9 Lovvorn, Edmond Canady  1860Rutherford County, Tennessee I2002 new 
10 Lovvorn, Sarah Jane  1860Rutherford County, Tennessee I1985 new 
11 Taylor, Mary A.  1880Rutherford County, Tennessee I3250 new 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Smotherman, Samuel  07 Nov 1842Rutherford County, Tennessee I1790 new 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bowling / Underwood  11 Feb 1898Rutherford County, Tennessee F770 new 
2 Davis / Bowlin   F29 new 
3 Lovvorn / Bowling   F745 new 
4 Lovvorn / Stem  26 Jun 1861Rutherford County, Tennessee F145 new 
5 Lovvorn / Stem  20 Dec 1865Rutherford County, Tennessee F793 new 
6 Lovvorn / Underwood  31 Mar 1860Rutherford County, Tennessee F234 new 
7 Smotherman / Bowling   F805 new 
8 Smotherman / Lovvorn  11 Mar 1889Rutherford County, Tennessee F806 new 
9 Underwood / Lovvorn  26 Sep 1850Rutherford County, Tennessee F133 new 
10 Underwood / Phelps  20 Oct 1908Rutherford County, Tennessee F224 new 
11 Underwood / Rowland  19 Oct 1836Rutherford County, Tennessee F1590 new 
12 Underwood / Smotherman  27 Aug 1839Rutherford County, Tennessee F475 new 
13 Vincent / Cogburn  15 Nov 1853Rutherford County, Tennessee F1039 new