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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Nancy  Abt 1901Ohio I731 Reunion Tree 
2 Allender, Margaret  11 May 1812Ohio I16 new 
3 Allender, Margaret  11 May 1812Ohio I3177 Reunion Tree 
4 Anderson, Delilah "Fannie"  1860Ohio I636 new 
5 Anderson, Delilah"Fannie"  1860Ohio I308 Reunion Tree 
6 Anderson, Ellen  1854Ohio I635 new 
7 Anderson, Ellen  1854Ohio I4769 Reunion Tree 
8 Anderson, Emett P  1908Ohio I650 new 
9 Anderson, Jennie Ann  1862Ohio I2598 Reunion Tree 
10 Anderson, John E  1907Ohio I649 new 
11 Anderson, Jolla  1875Ohio I631 new 
12 Anderson, Jolla  1875Ohio I6004 Reunion Tree 
13 Anderson, Mary  17 Nov 1846Ohio I5048 Reunion Tree 
14 Anderson, Mary A  1881Ohio I642 new 
15 Anderson, Mary A  1881Ohio I5078 Reunion Tree 
16 Anderson, Mary E  17 Nov 1846Ohio I172 new 
17 Anderson, Warren  1879Ohio I633 new 
18 Anderson, Warren  1879Ohio I6350 Reunion Tree 
19 Anderson, William  1849Ohio I629 new 
20 Anderson, William  1849Ohio I3493 Reunion Tree 
21 Anderson, Willie  1901Ohio I647 new 
22 Anderson, Wilson  1877Ohio I632 new 
23 Anderson, Wilson  1877Ohio I1743 Reunion Tree 
24 Arnold, Ray  Abt 1898Ohio I1429 Reunion Tree 
25 Atkins, William F  Jan 1855Ohio I943 Reunion Tree 
26 Atkins, William F.  Jan 1855Ohio I4713 new 
27 Bailey, Earl  19 Apr 1919Ohio I372 Reunion Tree 
28 Bailey, Joel  Abt 1874Ohio I1071 new 
29 Bailey, Joel  Abt 1874Ohio I6174 Reunion Tree 
30 Baker, Elsie H   I1371 Reunion Tree 
31 Baker, John S  Abt 1863Ohio I2751 Reunion Tree 
32 Baker, Mary Etta   I4407 Reunion Tree 
33 Barlow, Albert  1869Ohio I2079 new 
34 Barlow, Albert  1869Ohio I3156 Reunion Tree 
35 Barlow, Benjamin  Abt 1843Ohio I2084 new 
36 Barlow, Benjamin  Abt 1843Ohio I1458 Reunion Tree 
37 Barlow, Cordealia  1867Ohio I2078 new 
38 Barlow, Cordealia  1867Ohio I882 Reunion Tree 
39 Barlow, George W  1862Ohio I2090 new 
40 Barlow, George W  1862Ohio I3955 Reunion Tree 
41 Barlow, John  1826Ohio I2462 new 
42 Barlow, John  1826Ohio I4258 Reunion Tree 
43 Barlow, John  1847Ohio I2085 new 
44 Barlow, John  1847Ohio I3732 Reunion Tree 
45 Barlow, Margaret E  1850Ohio I6007 Reunion Tree 
46 Barlow, Margaret E.  1850Ohio I2086 new 
47 Barlow, Mary A  1864Ohio I5994 Reunion Tree 
48 Barlow, Mary A.  1864Ohio I2164 new 
49 Barlow, Mary C  1855Ohio I4783 Reunion Tree 
50 Barlow, Mary C.  1855Ohio I2087 new 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bailey, Joel  21 Nov 1932Ohio I1071 new 
2 Bailey, Joel  21 Nov 1932Ohio I6174 Reunion Tree 
3 Evans, Susan L  12 Dec 1936Ohio I3120 Reunion Tree 
4 Lashley, Edna Luella  23 May 1907Ohio I4504 new 
5 Lashley, George  19 Feb 1906Ohio I1813 new 
6 Lashley, George  19 Feb 1906Ohio I2282 Reunion Tree 
7 Lashley, Josiah  1910Ohio I2553 new 
8 Lashley, Josiah  1910Ohio I3166 Reunion Tree 
9 Morris, Peter  1868Ohio I4588 new 
10 Morris, Peter  1868Ohio I796 Reunion Tree 
11 Ray, Artie Vivian  03 Feb 1945Ohio I1704 new 
12 Settles, Sedalia D  8 Mar 1949Ohio I5466 Reunion Tree 
13 Settles, Sedalia D.  08 Mar 1949Ohio I4459 new 
14 Seylert, Margaret  17 Feb 1874Ohio I2618 new 
15 Seylert, Margaret  17 Feb 1874Ohio I2894 Reunion Tree 
16 Shafer, Isabella Jane  1926Ohio I2619 new 
17 Shafer, Isabella Jane  1926Ohio I620 Reunion Tree 
18 Starkey, Mariah  19 Jul 1864Ohio I2375 new 
19 Starkey, Mariah  19 Jul 1864Ohio I3219 Reunion Tree 
20 Tripp, Cecil Orland  14 Jun 1957Ohio I4071 Reunion Tree 
21 Tripp, Homer L  Bef 1910Ohio I6532 Reunion Tree 
22 Tripp, Linn Alva  1953Ohio I5882 Reunion Tree 
23 Woodruff, James Roy  Aug 1956Ohio I259 new 
24 Woodruff, James Roy  Aug 1956Ohio I1906 Reunion Tree 
25 Wooten, Earl L   I4181 Reunion Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Starkey, Mariah  22 Jul 1864Ohio I2375 new 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Jennie Ann  1863Ohio I637 new 
2 Anderson, Mary A  1882Ohio I642 new 
3 Denner, Jesse   I1699 new 
4 Farmer, Harry Sr.  1871Ohio I1092 new 
5 Farmer, Harry Sr.  30 Jun 1880Ohio I1092 new 
6 Farmer, Howard  1896Ohio I1097 new 
7 Farmer, John   I1674 new 
8 Farmer, Ruben Shepard  1844Ohio I1087 new 
9 Farmer, Ruben Shepard  1846Ohio I1087 new 
10 Farmer, Ruben Shepard  1847Ohio I1087 new 
11 Gehling, Ben  1886Ohio I461 new 
12 Jones, Edwin C.  1880Ohio I1686 new 
13 Jones, Edwin C.  1881Ohio I1686 new 
14 Knighton, James E  05 Jun 1879Ohio I587 new 
15 Knighton, James E  1880Ohio I587 new 
16 Knighton, Joseph Virgil  1862Ohio I1857 new 
17 Knighton, Joseph Virgil  Aug 1862Ohio I1857 new 
18 Knighton, Joseph Virgil  1863Ohio I1857 new 
19 Knighton, Joseph Virgil  1863Ohio I1857 new 
20 Knighton, Joseph Virgil  1863Ohio I1857 new 
21 Landgraf, Frederick W  Nov 1891Ohio I3576 Reunion Tree 
22 Lashley, Cynthia Isabel  1879Ohio I2063 new 
23 Lashley, Julia Katherine   I2062 new 
24 Lashley, Lydia Jane  1876Ohio I2061 new 
25 Lashley, Martha Viola  1873Ohio I1989 new 
26 Lashley, Nancy J.  1845Ohio I2064 new 
27 Magill, Richard B.   I1658 new 
28 Magill, Thomas Jefferson  1875Ohio I1655 new 
29 Morris, Sadie E  Abt 1889Ohio I3365 Reunion Tree 
30 Shanks, Anna Mary  1908Ohio I470 new 
31 Starkey, Mary Ann  27 Apr 1800Ohio I2083 new 
32 Tripp, Oliver Ticen  24 Jul 1840Ohio I3235 Reunion Tree 
33 Welch, Mary Wells or  1818Ohio I14 new 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wise, Elmer William   I4151 Reunion Tree 

Social Security Number

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Social Security Number    Person ID   Tree 
1 Tripp, Francis Walton   I74 new 
2 Tripp, Vivian Eileen   I77 new 

SSN issued

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    SSN issued    Person ID   Tree 
1 Denner, Jesse   I1699 new 
2 Landgraf, Frederick W.  Ohio I161 new 
3 Magill, Donald   I1740 new 
4 Magill, Roy Clifford   I1657 new 
5 Tripp, James Marion  Ohio I106 new 
6 Tripp, Marion Alonzo   I671 new 
7 Tripp, Opal Maxine   I5 new 
8 Wise, Grace S   I84 new 
9 Woodruff, Joseph Robert   I1651 new 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _MILT    Person ID   Tree 
1 Basford, Enoch  Ohio I256 Reunion Tree 
2 Basford, Enoch  1 Oct 1861Ohio I256 Reunion Tree 
3 Freeman, William A  2 Oct 1864Ohio I1071 Reunion Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Dewitt / White  Abt 1895Ohio F1633 new 
2 Freeman / White  1900ohio F161 new 
3 Lindner / Atkins  Abt 1914Ohio F1604 new 
4 Morris / Deavers  Abt 1893ohio F13 new 
5 Tripp / Lashley   F7 new