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Harrison, Vinton, Ohio



Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Jennie Ann  1880Harrison, Vinton, Ohio I637 new 
2 Anderson, Mary E  1880Harrison, Vinton, Ohio I172 new 
3 Anderson, Sophia M  1850Harrison, Vinton, Ohio I634 new 
4 Anderson, William P  1850Harrison, Vinton, Ohio I180 new 
5 Anderson, William P  1880Harrison, Vinton, Ohio I180 new 
6 Farmer, Albert  1880Harrison, Vinton, Ohio I1100 new 
7 Farmer, George M.  1880Harrison, Vinton, Ohio I1112 new 
8 Farmer, John S.  1880Harrison, Vinton, Ohio I1110 new 
9 Farmer, Levinda J.  1880Harrison, Vinton, Ohio I1109 new 
10 Farmer, Mary J.  1880Harrison, Vinton, Ohio I1108 new 
11 Farmer, Mary T.  1880Harrison, Vinton, Ohio I1111 new 
12 Farmer, Sarah F.  1880Harrison, Vinton, Ohio I1113 new 
13 Freeman, Celista Fidelia"Della"  1880Harrison, Vinton, Ohio I105 new 
14 Freeman, James D  1880Harrison, Vinton, Ohio I171 new 
15 Jordan, Delilah Elisa  1880Harrison, Vinton, Ohio I181 new 
16 Knighton, James S  1880Harrison, Vinton, Ohio I581 new 
17 Tripp, Marion Sanford  1880Harrison, Vinton, Ohio I104 new