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 #   Repository ID   Name   Tree 
1 R6  NAME Family History Library ADDR 35 N West Temple Street Salt Lake City, Utah 84150 USA new 
2 R5  NAME Unknown new 
3 R1 new 
4 R11 database "Ohio Marriages, 1803-1900" accessed 13 Jan 2002 new 
5 R38 Bureau of Vital Records new 
6 R13 cinti ohio public records new 
7 R20 Copy from Rutherford County Archives new 
8 R10 Copy in possession of author. new 
9 R31 Division of Vital Statistics new 
10 R4 email feb 2007 new 
11 R18 Family History Center new 
12 R30 Family Pilot Web site new 
13 R29 new 
14 R32 Hamilton County Genealogical Society online database new 
15 R16 Hamilton County Ohio Publications new 
16 R34 Hamilton County Probate Court new 
17 R12 new 
18 R9 new 
19 R7 new 
20 R21 new 
21 R17 new 
22 R23 new 
23 R22 new 
24 R33 Illinois Department of Vital Statistics new 
25 R8 ISBN 1-55613-704-4 &1-55613-698-6 new 
26 R15 on-line Database new 
27 R36 Rootsweb Message Board Lookup new 
28 R39 Rootsweb Worldconnect new 
29 R24 Sutro Library, SF, new 
30 R27 The Burton Collection, Detroit Public Library, Detroit, Michigan new 
31 R35 University of Cincinnati new 
32 R3 Volume 10, pages 54-88 new 
33 R26 Wakeman Community Library, Wakeman, Huron County, Ohio new 
34 R25 Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio new 
35 R28 new 
36 R14 new