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The Lashley Family in America

Brothers Joseph and George Lashley came to America from England to fight with the British forces in the French and Indian War (1754 -1761). It is possible that they came in early 1755 with General Braddock who had been sent to the colonies as Commander-in-Chief of the military and specifically to drive the French from Ft. Duquesne (Pittsburg). The Lashley brothers marched with General Braddock and his hand picked men to within a few miles of the Fort where they were attacked by the French and Indians and completely defeated. General Braddock was mortally wounded and died a few days later. He was buried south east of Uniontown, Pa. along Rt. 40. After the war, a monument was placed at this spot and Joseph took part in the dedication.

By this time, the Colonists were becoming more and more dissatisfied with the laws and taxes imposed upon them by the English King. Joseph Lashley sympathized with the Colonists and deserted the British forces. His brother, George, vowed to kill him and almost caught up with him one morning when Joseph and other deserters stopped at a farm house for breakfast. The group fled and Joseph escaped. George eventually returned to England leaving his brother in America.

History of Belmont County. Notes from Blanche Keyser: (Parts of this story have not been verified)

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