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Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Farmer, Albert  1828Virgina I1100
2 Farmer, Albert  1828Virgina I2480
3 Farmer, Cynthia  1834Virgina I1103
4 Farmer, Cynthia  1834Virgina I2768
5 Farmer, Martha  1830Virgina I1101
6 Farmer, Martha  1830Virgina I4755
7 Farmer, Nelson  1793Virgina I1098
8 Farmer, Nelson  1793Virgina I4467
9 Farmer, Richard  1832Virgina I1102
10 Farmer, Richard  1832Virgina I494
11 Farmer, Samuel  1842Virgina I1107
12 Farmer, Samuel  1842Virgina I4503
13 Farmer, Sarah  1833Virgina I1104
14 Farmer, Sarah  1833Virgina I5043
15 Farmer, Susan  1837Virgina I1105
16 Farmer, Susan  1837Virgina I782
17 Farmer, Virginia  1839Virgina I1106
18 Farmer, Virginia  1839Virgina I2228
19 Shaddock, Catherine  1804Virgina I1099
20 Shaddock, Catherine  1804Virgina I206