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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alexander, Elmira  1857Alabama I3617 new 
2 Alexander, Elmira  1857Alabama I6477 Reunion Tree 
3 Alexander, Lemuel  1850Alabama I3742 new 
4 Alexander, Lemuel  1850Alabama I1663 Reunion Tree 
5 Alexander, Thomas  1857Alabama I3744 new 
6 Alexander, Thomas  1857Alabama I2469 Reunion Tree 
7 Ball, Arthur Woodie  May 1900Alabama I3605 new 
8 Ball, Cassie Lizzie  1906Alabama I3614 new 
9 Ball, Cassie Lizzie  Abt 1914Alabama I444 Reunion Tree 
10 Ball, Ernest   I3603 new 
11 Ball, Frances  1858Alabama I3592 new 
12 Ball, Frances J  1858Alabama I2289 Reunion Tree 
13 Ball, Hollis   I3607 new 
14 Ball, Homer  08 Jun 1908Alabama I3609 new 
15 Ball, Larabelle  1867Alabama I2164 Reunion Tree 
16 Ball, Loular"Lulu"  1871Alabama I3945 Reunion Tree 
17 Ball, Mittice Lorene   I3610 new 
18 Ball, Mittice Lorene  Abt 1908Alabama I4942 Reunion Tree 
19 Ball, Naomie V   I4337 Reunion Tree 
20 Ball, Naomie V.   I3601 new 
21 Ball, Ophelia   I3612 new 
22 Ball, Virginia"Jenny"  1868Alabama I1066 Reunion Tree 
23 Bell, Ella  1878Alabama I1208 Reunion Tree 
24 Bolin, James Cage  Abt 1905Alabama I598 Reunion Tree 
25 Bolin, Leela M  Abt 1904Alabama I2872 Reunion Tree 
26 Bolin, Louise Christine   I2802 Reunion Tree 
27 Bolin, Mary Elizabeth ( Leona ) Confer   I278 Reunion Tree 
28 Bolin, Nina Bell  Nov 1897Alabama I688 Reunion Tree 
29 Bolin, Pinkney  Dec 1899Alabama I2690 Reunion Tree 
30 Bolin, Rosa  18 Aug 1894Alabama I3855 Reunion Tree 
31 Bolin, Ruby Irene  1906Alabama I3617 Reunion Tree 
32 Bolin, Sadie  Nov 1895Alabama I1487 Reunion Tree 
33 Bolin, Thomas Green  Sep 1853Alabama I2035 Reunion Tree 
34 Bolin, Tina  Dec 1886Alabama I5527 Reunion Tree 
35 Bowlin, James Wiley  Jan 1872Alabama I1104 Reunion Tree 
36 Bowling, James  Abt 1830Alabama I270 new 
37 Burleson, Hattie T  1883Alabama I3081 Reunion Tree 
38 Crawford, Hewey  17 Jul 1906Alabama I5245 Reunion Tree 
39 Crawford, Owens P  18 Nov 1895Alabama I982 Reunion Tree 
40 Douglas, Daniel  1858Alabama I6287 Reunion Tree 
41 Douglas, Saletha Caroline  16 Jun 1860Alabama I4115 Reunion Tree 
42 Douglass, James Henderson  13 Jan 1859Alabama I1764 Reunion Tree 
43 Douglass, Malinda E  Dec 1881Alabama I4886 Reunion Tree 
44 Elizabeth  1848Alabama I2700 new 
45 Guy, Ada P  Abt 1901Alabama I3250 Reunion Tree 
46 Guy, Joseph B  Abt 1897Alabama I5525 Reunion Tree 
47 Hearn, Charlie J  Jul 1879Alabama I4068 Reunion Tree 
48 Hearn, Della L  Jan 1888Alabama I6343 Reunion Tree 
49 Hearn, Emmert B  Jul 1896Alabama I3888 Reunion Tree 
50 Hearn, Gracie E  Jul 1886Alabama I5846 Reunion Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ball, Daniel Benjamin  12 Apr 1932Alabama I3594 new 
2 Ball, Daniel Benjamin  12 Apr 1932Alabama I2162 Reunion Tree 
3 Crowell, Colson C  5 Nov 1911Alabama I1681 Reunion Tree 
4 Crowell, Colson C.  05 Nov 1911Alabama I3829 new 
5 Jinks, Ada Spencer  04 Jan 1954Alabama I3598 new 
6 Jinks, Ada Spencer  4 Jan 1954Alabama I1443 Reunion Tree 
7 McCaine, Emily  Bef 1920Alabama I183 Reunion Tree 
8 McCaine, Emily  Bef 1920Alabama I3628 new 
9 Russell, Joseph  29 Dec 1893Alabama I4658 Reunion Tree 
10 Russell, Robert E  15 Sep 1911Alabama I2647 Reunion Tree 
11 Smotherman, Cornelius W  Bef 1900Alabama I1242 Reunion Tree 
12 Vest, William W  26 Apr 1910Alabama I439 Reunion Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alexander, Elmira  1852Alabama I3617 new 
2 Crawford, Douglas Vernon  Abt 1900Alabama I5243 Reunion Tree 
3 Phillips, Sara Elizabeth  1839Alabama I254 new 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Ball / McCaine  1899Alabama F1296 new