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201 ABBR Worden Family site Source (S264)
202 ABBR Worden Origins Source (S265)
203 ABBR Wordens Past Source (S266)
204 ABBR WorldConnect Source (S217)
205 ABBR WW I Draft Card Source (S268)
206 accessed on 12 sept 2007 Source (S219)
207 accessed on sept 12,2007 Source (S218)
208 according to 1910 census he was widowed, so need to find marriage and death of wife prior to 1910according to 1910 census he was widowed, so need to find marriage and death of wife prior to 1910

Wiss on 1930 census -left correction as transcription error 
Wise, Charles Jesse (I24)
209 according to 1900 Census he states he was born in Jan 1836 Harrington, Joshua Davis (I4933)
210 according to 1900 census states married 9 years, also older children in the house so i suspect James was married previously, the two younger ones appear to be Sarah Elizabeth's children Family F1042
211 according to a handwritten document furnished by Carrie Ellen Coon Burger as prepared by Annetje's Aunt Frederica. Cemetery is south of Rolaff Jensen Kill above the Falls on right side of road going east; was owned in 1960's by Mobie family. Kuhn, Wilhelm (I1009)
212 According to Abraham's will, per Donald Vannatter, Abraham had two sons, Peter and Benjamin, and seven daughters, Sara, Maria, Catharina, Margaretta, Johana, Rachel and Elizabeth. He was married twice, first to Sara then to a Dewitt. Note that Rebekka and Leah are not mentioned (Ann could be Johana) in his will.
This date is based on the fact that Abraham Van Etten and Sarah Van Steenberg were sponsors at the baptism of Abraham, son of Petrus Van Etten and Gritie Hyzer, at the Dutch Reformed Church of Rhinebeck Flats, New York.
sponsors were Willem Vreedenburg and Heyltjen Van Etten 
Etten, Abraham Jacobussen Van (I1337)
213 According to family tradition, he was a blacksmith. In 1828, a Samuel M. Worden sold blacksmith tools to John Bard (see land records at Dutchess County Courthouse), but this was probably a cousin, the son of Samuel Worden, Peleg's brother. (But see Gilbert Bahn. Dr. Gilbert Bahn, eminent Worden researcher, disagrees with my assignment of Samuel Montross' parents. He attributes SM to Jesse - Samuel - Daniel - Samuel, Jr. - Dr. Samuel Worden. Jesse was Benjamin's cousin. Benjamin's father, Peleg, and Jesse's father, Samuel, were brothers, both sons of Daniel.)
per June Goodrich Wilcha, this homestead was near Bulls Head Road and Clinton. In a letter from the Town of Milan historian, Norma Ingles, dated November 10, 1989, the suggestion is made that Samuel Montross' land may have bordered Wildey, Thorne or Herrick land, near the Town of Clinton line.
The only proof I have that Samuel Montross is son of Leonard is a letter written by a cousin who knew him first-hand and Census records which appear to support this. 
Worden, Samuel Montross (I1146)
214 according to her headstone she was 106years old at death, this is probably not the case according to census records she was much younger than Wm, probably born around 1808 making her about 85 at death -wife of William MacMullen Preston, Susan (I4750)
215 According to memoir of son, Karam Chand, Dr. Basant Rai was the only son of Hakim Kahand Chand. Chand, Hakim Kahan (I716)
216 According to notes written March 2, 1960 by Gladys Evina Borden Chapman, Leonard was married to an Indian squaw. But see also the letter written in the mid-1940s by Flo Mann. She states that it was Leonard's father who married an Indian. Still another letter (from Muriel Meeker who descends from Philena, daughter of Samuel Montross Worden) tells the following story: "There was an elderly man who lived next door in a house that Katherine [Mann Kipp] own[ed], who was a relative. She never let me meet him. She asked him who the father of Samuel Montross Worden was. He told her, Leonard Worden and when his wife, Sara Montros died, he had an American Indian squaw come live with him. We come from the Indian." A letter from Bev Murray states that Sarah Montross' mother was an Indian. (Copies of all three letters are in DJW files.) Family F610
217 according to SSDI, died at Athens Mental Health and Development. Obituary states died at home 305 Athens street. Tripp, James Marion (I106)
218 according to Subash Ahuja, Ram Pyari had 3 sons and 2 Daughters. Pyari, Ram (I185)
219 according to the 1910 Census they have been married 10 years and have 0 children, considering they are 30 years old, i do not suspect they had children

Still alive and mentioned in his sister Sarah Elizabeth Crowell obituary

1920 neighbor to Jessie Martin who marries Robert's Nephew Roy, Dutch's son. 
Davis, Robert E. (I2395)
220 according to the 1910 census, they state they have been married 5 years. Family F1651
221 actually died at Good Samaritan Hospital in Zanesville Lashley, Charles Guy (I2446)
222 Ada was from Whiteport at the time of her marriage Family F35
223 Adam was on the Rhinebeck tax rolls from 1744-45 - June 1748 (Dutchess County Tax Lists). He was killed by John Van Gelder of Sheffield, "who is married to a German woman, as Ripelbergh was aiding the sheriff" (Genealogical Data from N.Y. Post-Boy, by Scott, p. 57). Reiffenberg, Adam (I342)
224 add freer genealogy reference;glhbooks;Genealogy-glh11847151;50;-1;&polarity=&scale=

heritage quest 
Freer, Simon (I4597)
225 address at time of death 422 south 2nd Street, Barberton, Summit County, OH
Effie Freeman was informant on death certificate 
Freeman, Virgil J. (I175)
226 Address in 1922 at time of husbands death was 2690 Dacey Ave, Cincinnati OH 45209, near Norwood off Smith and Edwards road on I-71. Miller, Grace E (I160)
227 After Henry's father died he went to live with Henry Coon and Anna Falckenburg, his aunt and uncle, as his mother Agnes was Anna's sister. He fought in the revolutionary war. Reiffenberg, Henry (I4916)
228 age 38 Holley, Joseph* (I1188)
229 age 55-3-27
(or 4 Dec 1822 per death record or 3 Aug 1821) 
Reiffenberg, Helen "Lany" (I40)
230 age 65 yrs 10 mos 12 days (per Chapman Address Book). Verse on tombstone:
Our Mother
She has gone. She has gone and
broke Earth chain. A beautiful link
in life golden chain. But we will
not mourn for the beautiful gem
is a diadem in the Savior's Crown.
in cemetery lot with Noella and William Tallmadge
per 1850 census, b. 1804 
Schryver, Evina (I1165)
231 age 81y 5m 1d
sponsors were Henrich Smit and Jannetjen Bitzer 
Stahl, Jannetjen (I52)
232 age of marriage on 1930 census states 22 Family F91
233 aged 16 yrs. at Kamp (N.Y. City Luth. Chbk.) Rauch, Maria Catharina? (I1564)
234 aged 82-11-16
sponsors were David Doff and Margriet Burger 
Schryver, Martinus (I1421)
235 Alabama Confederate Army Ball, Richard (I253)
236 Alabama Confederate Army, Lee's Battery, Alabama Light Artillery Ball, Richard (I253)
237 Alabama Confederate Army, Lee's Battery, Alabama Light Artillery Ball, William (I3741)
238 Albany Nats. Leick, Anna Maria (I323)
239 Alias: /Bee/ Williams, Beatrice (I2258)
240 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2247)
241 Alias: /Buell/
Social Security number 373 -- 01 -- 1178 
Balis, Charles (I2257)
242 Alias: /Jean/ Balis, Marion (I2259)
243 Alias: /Ricky/ Balderson, Richard (I2276)
244 Alias: /William/ Crowell, Wilhelm (I3812)
245 Alias: Peter /Kroul/
Custom Field:<_FA#> See Note Page@S1606@Date of Import: Oct 26, 2001@S1609@Date of Import: Oct 26, 2001
[Peter Crowell & Catherine (B).ftw]

Facts about this person:

Fact 1 May 10, 1764
Crowell family living in Mecklenburg Co.,N.C.

He arrived at the Port of Philadelphia, PA Nov.25,1740 on the Englosh
ship Loyal Judith from Rotterdam, Holland, by way of Deal, England.

Naturalization November 25, 1740
He took his oath to the government on this date

[Peter Crowell & Catherine (C).ftw]

Facts about this person:

He arrived at the Port of Philadelphia, PA on the Englosh ship Loyal
Judith from Rotterdam, Holland, by way of Deal, England.

Naturalization November 25, 1740
He took his oath to the government on this date 
Croul, Peter (I3795)
246 All children were baptized at the Manorton Lutheran Church.
no sponsorsAll his children were baptized at the Manorton Lutheran Church.
no sponsors 
Coon, Robert H (I359)
247 All eleven children used the surname of Jansen Keulen, Jan Matthyssen Van (I1505)
248 All six children chose the name Van Steenberghen. Ceulen, Catryn Matthyssen van (I1366)
249 also living in the house is domestic servant (slave) Juda Smotherman age 34 born in Alabama, perhaps a slave from Nancy's family in Alabama? Smotherman, William (I2440)
250 American Ancestry also states that Jacob was born before 1750, died 1820, and served in the Rev. Army. Family F56

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