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151 ABBR Land transfer Source (S88)
152 ABBR LDS data Source (S146)
153 ABBR LDS IGI Source (S77)
154 ABBR Little Nine Partners Source (S128)
155 ABBR Making of America Source (S87)
156 ABBR Marriage record Source (S153)
157 ABBR Mayflower Society Source (S162)
158 ABBR Military service record Source (S252)
159 ABBR More Palatine Families Source (S167)
160 ABBR N.S.D. A. R. Source (S91)
161 ABBR National Archives Source (S172)
162 ABBR Naturalization records Source (S253)
163 ABBR New York in the Revolution Source (S176)
164 ABBR Newspaper clipping Source (S178)
165 ABBR NYG&B Record: Southard bible Source (S175)
166 ABBR Obituary Source (S180)
167 ABBR Obituary Source (S357)
168 ABBR Obituary Source (S364)
169 ABBR Ostrander Family Association Source (S192)
170 ABBR Ostrom electronic file Source (S193)
171 ABBR Ostrom/Davids electronic file Source (S194)
172 ABBR Permelia Feller's Diary Source (S196)
173 ABBR Personal knowledge Source (S197)
174 ABBR Personal papers Source (S201)
175 ABBR Pilgrims in the Netherlands Source (S207)
176 ABBR Potter Southards Source (S106)
177 ABBR Probate records Source (S209)
178 ABBR Red Hook, New York historian Source (S213)
179 ABBR Schoonmaker Family Source (S238)
180 ABBR Settlers and Residents Source (S222)
181 ABBR Simmendeinger Register Source (S225)
182 ABBR Southard Gazette: Southard family Source (S236)
183 ABBR Southworth Gen. Weis Source (S234)
184 ABBR Symons Genealogy Source (S230)
185 ABBR Teddeman electronic file Source (S231)
186 ABBR Temp WC Schuerman Source (S232)
187 ABBR The Hull Family in America Source (S235)
188 ABBR Ulster County Graveyard Inscriptions Source (S249)
189 ABBR Ulster County Graveyard Inscriptions Source (S286)
190 ABBR Ulster County Wills Source (S250)
191 ABBR Van Buren Family Source (S256)
192 ABBR Van Curen Family Source (S258)
193 ABBR Van Etten Family Source (S239)
194 ABBR Source (S257)
195 ABBR Vannatter Source (S99)
196 ABBR Vigars, A.A. Source (S112)
197 ABBR Web page Source (S259)
198 ABBR WFT Vol. 6, Ed. 1 Source (S267)
199 ABBR Will Source (S260)
200 ABBR Winthrop Society Source (S262)

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