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101 a Margrete Marshall age 7 and Alese Bellone age 10/12months are listed as granddaughters living with Frederick and Alice in 1920. Gruntler, Frederick Charles (I4931)
102 a Mrs.J H Carpenter was informant on death certificate Barlow, Elizabeth (I2465)
103 A note at the end of the Rich-Worden Genealogy (D.A.R.) states: For line of Samuel II (#ii), see Mrs. Schunke's "The Worden Family in R.I. (1972) previously mentioned."
Gilbert Bahn states the following: "Samuel II owned 150 acres of land north of Worden Pond, South Kingstown, RI. After his death the six children subdivided the tract into six lots of 25 acres each. They did this with a set of quitclaim deeds executed 9 Jun 1729, whereby for each lot five of them quitclaimed to the other. (Their mother retained her dower right on each lot.) This set of deeds, known to ONW, serves to define the children of Samuel II completely (unless one or more others died in infancy) as Edmund, Samuel III, Daniel, James, Jeremiah, and Hannah. An estate inventory made in 1727 is of record, as well as an accounting made by Samuel III, but no evidence has been found of disposition of movable goods among the widow and children. However, none is necessary as regards family composition: there could have been no more living children in 1729 than those accounted for by the quitclaim deeds." 
II, Samuel Worden (I1179)
104 a note on Ancestry World Tree indicates both Ellen and Frank died in the 1918 NY Flu within days or weeks of each other. Family F1640
105 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4998)
106 a note on the tree n/c indicates Harry and Ellen had no children or no children who lived to adulthood. Kelly, Ellen (I4951)
107 a note on the tree n/c indicates Ruth and Harold had no children or no children who lived to adulthood. Family F1660
108 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1650
109 A transcript of the marriage record (probably written by Mrs. James W. Goodrich) shows Charley W. Goodrich of Manton, CA married to Evina Worden Borden of Lowrey, CA on July 1, 1910 in an Episcopal Church in Red Bluff, Tehama County, CA. Family F595
110 ABBR American Ancestry Source (S31)
111 ABBR Ancestral File (R) Source (S32)
112 ABBR Ancestral Record and Portraits Source (S33)
113 ABBR Arthur Sullivan family file Source (S39)
114 ABBR Bahn: Worden Census Source (S44)
115 ABBR Baptismal record, Source (S46)
116 ABBR Barbour Collection VR Source (S48)
117 ABBR Beekman Patent Settlers Source (S224)
118 ABBR Birth Certificate Source (S58)
119 ABBR Cemetery record Source (S69)
120 ABBR Census Source (S70)
121 ABBR Chapman Address Book Source (S76)
122 ABBR Church records Source (S78)
123 ABBR City Directory Source (S80)
124 ABBR Civil War Pension Record Source (S82)
125 ABBR Clermont history 1756-1899 Source (S223)
126 ABBR Confirmation record Source (S84)
127 ABBR Cox Genealogy Source (S89)
128 ABBR Crispell Family Source (S90)
129 ABBR Death record Source (S96)
130 ABBR Dutchess County Historical Soc. Source (S101)
131 ABBR Dutchess County Tax Lists Source (S102)
132 ABBR E-mail Source (S109)
133 ABBR E-mail Source (S278)
134 ABBR E-mail Source (S282)
135 ABBR E-mail Source (S290)
136 ABBR Early Records Albany, etc. Source (S105)
137 ABBR Family bible Source (S110)
138 ABBR Family records Source (S113)
139 ABBR Fort Herkimer History Source (S129)
140 ABBR Frost Genealogy Source (S116)
141 ABBR Graves of Rev War Patriots Source (S123)
142 ABBR Historian Source (S127)
143 ABBR Hoes Source (S130)
144 ABBR Hull electronic file Source (S136)
145 ABBR Hull Family Source (S133)
146 ABBR Hull Family electronic file Source (S135)
147 ABBR Hull Genealogy Source (S60)
148 ABBR Jones, Palatine Families of New York Source (S237)
149 ABBR Kelly (Kinship) Source (S144)
150 ABBR Koon/Coons Families of New York Source (S145)

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